Can my hotel climb higher on Tripadvisor popularity index

Since Tripadvisor popularity index was introduced many hoteliers and property management companies want their hotels to climb higher in the ranking.


The exposure a hotel gets with just a few positions higher or lower can make a huge difference. All hotels have to compete, from remote places where only a hand full of hotels exist, to the really cluttered destinations. where thousands of people are searching every day for the perfect hotel to stay.

Tripadvisor hotel popularity index is exactly the same as google search ranking for every keyword but for travelers. A nice example to understand the value of popularity index is someone’s blog.  If for example a persons blog shows up on the first place in organic search it can have one thousand organic visitors per month. For the same keywords another person blog that appears on the second page can have only 100 visitors per month.

The exposure a hotel gets with high popularity index can make the difference.

When searching on Tripadvisor by location the view of the hotels is according popularity index.


Here is an Example:

Lets see an example to make it more clear to everyone. When looking for hotels in New York City I get 448 results. The first hotel in the list is Chelsea Pines Inn and the second is Casablanca Hotel Times Square at least today that I did the search because next week this might be changed.

Popularity Ranking Example

Tripadvisor popularity index is changing on a weekly basis. If you take a closer look in the picture above you will notice that the first hotel in the list has less review in total and also lower review rates! Why?

The answer is very easy as long as you understand the differences between rating and popularity index on Tripadvisor.

You can now imagine the traction that the hotels in the first ranks get compared with hotels on page three or four.

Want to climb up Tripadvisor popularity index?

So now that you want to climb the ranks the first things to do is to know the rules of the game. One of the great sources to get started is Tripadvisor.

Check the 3 factors that get you higher or lower in the rankings.

In short the 3 factors are:

  1. Quality of Reviews
  2. Quantity of Reviews
  3. Age of Reviews

Tripadvisor doesn’t let us know which one of the above three factors has more weight towards ranking or what are the rest of the factors in their equation to produce the popularity index.

In an upcoming post we will talk about what you can do to step by step to have a better performance in all 3 factors.

Next steps:

Participate in a webinar for popularity ranking to understand in more depth the concept.

As soon as you get a better understanding about popularity rankings and what it really means, check where you stand and why is that. Evaluate your position, understand why you are there and check what you are doing well or what are the areas that you need to improve. Finally set top priorities that you should focus in the months to come and start executing.

Listen to your guests. I am not onlt talking during check out where everyone is asking “how was your stay with us” and the response, 9 out of 10 times, is “very good”. Try to get your guests to give you feedback and that is done with the guest surveys and some smart techniques that we will talk in our next post.

I would also suggest

Provide excellent customer experience to every single guest and some of them will pay it back to you with a great review.

Always follow up on your guests no matter if they have a positive or a negative experience during their stay.

Always read what your guests have to say in satisfaction surveys because that is exactly how they view your property.


What you should avoid:

Don’t try to cheat by sending friends and family to submit reviews for your hotel. Tripadvisor didn’t become number one reference for all travelers just by luck but due to hard work. What i can tell you that if they suspect that you try to cheat you will see how the bottom of list looks like.

Don’t suggest your guests to complete a review on Tripadvisor at your hotel premises or offering “reward” for doing that. This approach will eventually have negative impact in your popularity ranking since it violates TripAdvisor’s Terms of Service.


What is coming next

Hopefully, you enjoyed our first blog post. The material that we will post here is absolutely free and it is not necessary to be an Accovibe customer to come and check us out (even though you can sign up for a free trial here)

We will post at least one article per week trying to help all hotel managers or property management companies. Our goal is to suggest a few  simple things you can do towards having a bigger traction or provide better services.

Everyone is more than welcome to comment or shoot a direct question on Twitter.


Antonis is the Founder of Accovibe (an easy way to get meaningful feedback from your hotel guests ) who loves drums and tech startups.

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