Should I add TripAdvisor widget to my website

Lately I have many of my clients asking me if they should add TripAdvisor widget in their website. Most hoteliers want to gain more traction in their TripAdvisor listing and get more reviews on it so to climb higher on TripAdvisor popularity index.


TripAdvisor made it fairly simple to add their widget in any website. Adding only a few lines of code in a new page of your CMS (Content Management System) is a job that can be done in just a few minutes.  Many hoteliers want to have a Badge or a dedicated page offering simple and easy way to their guests, so to provide feedback as the examples above.

What most of hotel owners don’t know is that by adding the TripAdvisor widget, they also up vote TripAdvisor listing in google search results. I know this is not bad since their hotel will be more visible and have more related top results for their keywords.

Direct vs OTA bookings?

What hoteliers are accomplishing is that their direct google listing, in some cases, will show up second in google search results. As you most probably know TripAdvisor is not an OTA but through their site they offer OTA offers for a listed property.  So each visitor has the chance to compare prices for a given date and book through them in a matter of minutes. Check the example below:


That will eventually lead in less direct vs OTA bookings.  I am sure that your pocket will hurt by doing that.

Some will say that right now without adding any of TripAdvisor widget my direct website listing in google comes second or even third. Should I add TripAdvisor widget?

The answer to that is still NO!


What you should do

What you should do for sure is try to follow the basic SEO rules so to bring your website above any OTA or TripAdvisor. This is not an easy thing to do but it will pay you back and results are measurable in cases like that. All these OTA you are fighting with in google search results area very well established internet businesses and they are working day in and day out on their SEO. I am sure it will not hurt to invest a small amount of money and for sure some time on a weekly basis by blogging, posting pictures and updating your website with fresh data.

Working on your SEO may bring you more visitors and eventually more direct bookings than adding a widget in your website promoting your “competitors”.


So finally what is the answer on the question: Should I add TripAdvisor widget to my website?

In my opinion for sure you should not add the widget to your site. I am sure that there are different approaches and opinions on the subject and for sure I would like to discuss them with you. So feel free to add your comment below.

In our coming posts I will talk about different approaches and what you should do towards getting more direct bookings.


Antonis is the Founder of Accovibe (an easy way to get meaningful feedback from your hotel guests ) who loves drums and tech startups.

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