Zero cost digital tricks for hotels to gain traction

I have put together a list of a few tips and digital tricks for hotels to gain traction with zero cost. By gaining traction the ultimate goal to get direct bookings will follow.

Social media – Zero Cost

Frist digital tricks for hotels is to create accounts in social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. These accounts are free to create but maintaining with up to date data, is time consuming. It is nice to have them but it looks very bad if the last post or update is many months ago so make sure that .

Connect with your guests

Not to say all but most of your guests carry their smartphones, tablets or other digital devices where they stay connected to their social media. Don’t hesitate to ask your guests to like your page, follow you on twitter or connect with you in any other social media. The most effective way to do it is after a pleasant experience during their stay and usually after their first day of stay. No one will say no, unless they are unhappy with their accommodation or service.

Get to know your customers

Get some basic date from your customers during check in or check out. Some data that might be handy are:

  • Family status (family, single etc)
  • Sex (male female)
  • Where did they book from?
  • How many days they will stay?
  • Country of origin

All of the above can be gathered via a paper form or even better via an Software as a service application where you can easily analyze to target better your marketing activities and budget in the future.


Get real feedback and act on it

The best way to receive feedback from your guest is during check out. A service like accovibe guest survey where it takes no more than 3 minutes to get answers from your guests. This feedback is valuable as you can quickly act in and follow up with an unhappy guest or do necessary changes if you spot comments repetitively.

Zero cost digital tricks for hotels - Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor review

Ask for a review

Having a serious amount of reviews is a metric for everyone to evaluate and book to your hotel. Try to get as many reviews as possible on Tripadvisor or other local hotel listing sites that might be available. Contact your guests via email after a short period of time (5-10 days) and don’t hesitate to ask for a review providing the link for your listing.


I would love to hear your ideas too on the above list and share you’re thought in the comments below.


Antonis is the Founder of Accovibe (an easy way to get meaningful feedback from your hotel guests ) who loves drums and tech startups.

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