How much it costs to maintain paper surveys in a hotel?

Last week I was talking with a potential customer and he mentioned that his current method of collecting their hotel surveys, costs him nothing.

Hmmm… That statement got me into thinking of how much it really costs to maintain paper surveys in a hotel .

Have you ever figured that out for your hotel?

After a small chat he mentioned how they handle the process of collecting, replenishment, importing in an excel file and generating statistics for the hotel.

During the next days I also talked with a few more general managers and key persons in different regions of the word. I got a variety of different data cause i wanted to make sure that I was not missing anything.

survey on ipad

Next step was to get my favorite tool – Microsoft Excel – and start building my spreadsheet. I entered all the input I collected from hotel managers about the whole process of maintaining pen and paper guest surveys in a hotel.

I first laid out my assumptions and constant values like the number of rooms, cost of printing, average completed surveys per day etc. After that I had to figure out the hidden costs of maintain all this process like data entry, creating statistics and distribution of data.

Here are the data I run my calculations:

  1. Average printing cost: 15 cents per page
  2. Average pre-printed paper cost: 4 cents per page
  3. Number of rooms: 80
  4. Average completed surveys per day: 10
  5. Average compensation rate: 5 Euros per hour
  6. Time needed to import each survey in excel: 1 minute
  7. Time needed to generate statistics per week: 1 hour
  8. Daily time spent collecting and replacing forms: 10 minutes

I got them all together in my sheet and came up with the below costs:

  • Annual printing cost: 560 Euro
  • Annual paper cost: 186 Euro
  • Annual import in excel cost: 300 Euro
  • Annual producing and distributing statistics cost: 260
  • Annual cost for collecting and replacing forms: 300

Total cost 1606 Euro per year!!!

1606 Euro for a tedious job like maintaining hotel guest surveys in an 80 room hotel.

I am sure that 1606 Euro per year for a job that doesn’t cost anything is a big deal!

Some may say that all this work is done when they have nothing else to do. My answer to that is that the cleaning ladies can spent one extra minute in the room. The receptionist can spent one or two minutes more with a guest. This way you can provide better service.

Before posting the article in the blog I sent it to the person I had the initial conversation to get his feedback. When he called me, the first thing he mentioned on the phone was that he never put much thought into the cost of a hotel survey.

Don’t take for granted my calculations since the costs can  change from one region of the word to another. Do it for yourself and comment below number of rooms and total cost.

The number of rooms and how many completed surveys a hotel have doesn’t change much the total cost. What can dramatically change the equation is the process that each hotel follows and the data they want to extract.

Another factor is, what hotel management wants to do with that data and if it means something to them.

What about having your survey availabe on the internet at all times?

In one of my next posts I will talk about the different approach hotel management follow with the data they gather. I am sure that we will give some valuable ideas to all of you.

In the meantime drop a tweet in my twitter account to have a chat. I am always available.